MASAF stands for changing the current course of youth, women and the public at large and equip youth skills to overcome national unemployment crisis, drug addiction, vulnerability for radical ideologies among others. To make the youth and women more capable, competent, and confident in themselves and their performance, we massively plan to equip youth and women helpful hand skills that would help them to be creative and skillful, including; painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, acting (For radio dramas and theatre plays), among other skills. In practice, beyond formal education, MASAF typically applied visual Art and it also trains youth for the modern Fine Art such as film, photography, video production/editing, design and conceptual art. We are also planning to train youth in coble stone production which we see as a tool for youth to be employed and productive. It will contribute to the country’s wider infrastructural development and job creation at same time for the youth. The development of youth skills includes youth training in intercultural communication, communication for development, equipping youth with designing traditional material sculpture.

We also work rehabilitation of destitute children to equip them with skills that they can generate enough income. These skills would help them to be financially independent, gaining a space for investments and would contribute to employment rate.