Advocacy and awareness through Culture and Fine Art are one of the unique languages of spreading the word and a medium of expression which allows the intricate and emotions of the human being to be easily understood and felt by the target groups and communities. So, MASAF uses this method to transmit the messages as a tool for advocacy and awareness among the society, because through Art and culture a greater human collective can be engaged, participants can easily relate with the beauty of the art and centerpieces can be created for community. We also use Edutainment as another tool for advocacy and awareness on issues pressing social life. Having a pool of media expertise allows as to use Media production as part of the medium.

We stand to advocate for the youth and women rights through Culture, Fine Art and Media campaigns, to raise the voice of persons with disabilities as well. To also advocate against the FGM/C by targeting the decision-makers, traditional circumcisers, civil societies etc is part of our strategy. We also do advocate for Civil Societies be accountable for the government through Media production and Fine Art. MASAF will do advocate for Democratic Governance in the context of Youth and Women and we use comedians and other Artists, elders and well renowned and respected figures among the society for our campaigns and advocacy.