Working since 2018


MASAF Organization is aiming to create a safe, sophisticated and enjoyable environment where learners and users gain the relevant skills in Culture, Art, skills and Media to progress. MASAF, therefore, would focus on building working links with artists including playwrights to utilize their skills in music, acting, traditional dances and film making and train candidates from the disadvantaged groups. MASAF would endeavor every attempt in its power to advocate for marginalized groups through Culture and Fine Art.

Our mission

Our Mission is to address and search the possible solutions for the social ills, including lack of education, lack of access to health, absence of justice, environment and human rights violations through fine Arts; films, theatre plays, dramas, music and acquiring acting skills. We aim to provide a platform and give a voice to those in society who are vulnerable and hard to reach. Helping the youth to overcome the identity and cultural crises they have been facing as the result of the post-conflict era and creating a platform for regional and international cultural cooperation, are also part of our mission. MASAF stands for creative environment and a space to thrive for the youth and the vulnerable communities in the country.

MASAF in Brief

MASAF Organization: is a non-governmental, non-profit, non- political organisation based in Somaliland. A group of concerned citizens with an extensive experience in the area of Fine Arts and Media Sector, came together to set up an organization that focusses the needs of disadvantaged groups including destitute children, women, victims of mental health problems and the disabled. MASAF aims to utilise the power and influence of arts and media to address the needs of the concerned groups.