Advocacy And Awareness

Advocacy and awareness through Culture and Fine Art are one of the unique languages of spreading the word and a medium of expression which allows the intricate and emotions of the human being to be easily understood and felt by the target groups and communities.

Youth And Women Empowerment

As part of our thematic areas, we have established a department that specifically focus on improving the capacity of youth and women through Culture and Fine Art, so as to enable them to come up with innovations, talents and skills that could help them overcome the challenges in the country that surrounds them.


Skills Enhancement

MASAF stands for changing the current course of youth, women and the public at large and equip youth skills to overcome national unemployment crisis, drug addiction, vulnerability for radical ideologies among others.

Community Engagement

MASAF also works in community development/building and shows the community how they can participate in public decisions affecting their lives through Cultural approaches and Fine Art as such as Drama, Theatre shows, roadshows, public gatherings as well as short films.